Beachfront Investments

Everyone wants to say I have a property on the beach I use for vacations!  For a long time price values were too high to turn the possibility into a reality.  Today prices have come down considerably, and with foreclosures and short-sales some real values exist in the market.

Here is just one example of a value beachfront property; beachfront condo 2 bed/2 bath under $200k.  What makes this a good value?  To begin, this is a short-sale of a beachfront condo.   The association management team helps rent units in the assocaiton to tourists and seasonal visitors and charges 15% of the rent as a management fee; these funds go directl;y to the association reserves reducing the risk of future special assessments.  Current rental rates are just above 50%.

Here is an opportunity to invest in beachfront property at a low price, build equity, offset current costs, and still have a place to vacation on the in Florida.  Will the unit cash flow in todays market, probably not, but if you are looking for a second home, why not offset that cost with both income and equity growth!