GPS and You

GPS or Global Positioning Systems are now a part of everyday life and something we take for granted.  We have devices for our cars, on our phones, and systems that even tell us where our respective partners or children are at any given moment.  They add convenience to our lives and help us get to where we are going.

However, thefts of GPS systems out of cars are greatly increasing.  The sticky ring in the window is a dead give-a-way even when you place the device under the seat.  Unfortunately, broken windows and damage to your car are not the only issues.  Along with your device thieves are now taking the garage door openers out the vehicle, and while you are in shopping or watching a sporting event, the thief is using your GPS to track back to your home and using the garage door opener to gain access to your home where they can shop for free!

So a few tips:

  1. Don’t load your home address, use a cross street intersection outside of your neighborhood.
  2. Look at getting a friction mount instead of the suction cup
  3. Add a security pin to your device (this only slows the thief down, but of they have your garage opener, that is a good thing)
  4. Research security options for your phone and the GPS function, be careful how much information you store

Want to learn more, here is an article of interest:

And remember you worked hard to buy your home and the items you have, not to mention the safety of your family!  Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season.