Presentation of prestigious award to be made on February 22

The Saint Augustine Garrison to be recognized by

City Commission with presentation of

the Adelaide Sanchez Award

Presentation of prestigious award to be made on February 22


When the millions of annual visitors to St. Augustine search for a glimpse of history, the city has plenty of opportunities. National landmarks, themed museums, specialized tours all offer ways to learn about past centuries in the Nation’s Oldest City.

But when it comes to a face-to-face experience with the past, there is no substitute for live interaction with a person from the past, a resident of St. Augustine from a previous century. That experience is only made possible because of the personal investment of time and resources and the deep commitment one sees in the members of the Saint Augustine Garrison.

A group of historical reenactors, easily recognized by their striking blue uniform jackets and red cuffs, portray the life and times of Spanish soldiers and their families in 1740s St. Augustine, the Saint Augustine Garrison has been bringing the city’s history to life for millions of people for more than three decades.

The organization’s unwavering commitment  and unique role in the interpretation of St. Augustine’s history will be recognized by the City Commission on February 22 when it presents the Adelaide Sanchez Award for Historic Preservation, Restoration, Education and Interpretation to the organization. The nomination was made by City Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline and unanimously support by the whole Commission.

Robert Alvarez, current president of the Garrison, and Maria Alvarez, Historic Florida Militia Board Member, will accept the award on behalf of the Garrison. The meetings begins at 5:00pm in The Alcazar Room, City Hall, 75 King St.